Create It – Assignment

Assignment Details: For this assignment, I want you to become artists. Yes, you’re all photographers, but the term artist is not always synonymous with photographer.

The assignment is simple. Create.

Take an idea, sketch it out in your mind, on paper, on the napkin beside you, on your hand and make a photograph. Visualize it, and then photograph it. Without the tricks of Photoshop.

Make the non-visual, visual.

The Art:


“Light the Way”
We envisioned making a photo that showed the path to enlightenment and encouraged others to look at the important things in life. This was taken at my uncle’s farm. I love this land for it’s incredible grandfather oak trees. It is a magical place. People are trying to build a street through his land and I just wanted them to see what is truly important here – the life. The photo was experimentation and adaptation – using a dive light, a strobe, and an iphone light to paint the lantern. Taken at 1:37 AM.


“Painting With All the Colors of the Wind”
Another tree photo at my uncle’s farm. See previous photo, “Light the Way” for information about attempted destruction. This photo embodies the light within. Trees, worms, fungi, deer – every organism has a story and a light. This is my concept of what the light in this tree would be like. All colors, brilliant, and powerful. To create this shot, which sadly, was not finished by the deadline of the “Create It” assignment, I used multiple colors of light and physically painted them on the tree. It was a very artistic moment, I wielded the light as a brush and used strokes of different lengths and speeds. Taken at 2:04 AM.

We wanted to create a portal. This portal would enable us to travel to different dimensions, different galaxies, and different points in time. We used a homemade light contraption, and after multiple tries we finally got it. We wanted the feet in the photo to showcase the multiple people and entities using the inter-dimensional galactic time portal. The portal was achieved by motion that was part random and part pattern. All these photos were taken between 11 PM – 4 AM April 4 – 5th, 2015. Taken at 2:24 AM.


“Blurry Two-Face”
This one is dubbed “Blurry Two-Face” because it depicts the dichotomy within oneself between personalities with and without technology. Through the veil of the internet, one can make oneself a completely different person than one is in actuality. It is a visage where one can flaunt racism, bullying, anger, and other traits with little to no repercussions. It is blurry to represent the anonymity. It is ugly. I wanted an image that showed this discrepancy that has been created with the modern world. To shoot this I used two flashes and a bit of leprechaun magic. Taken at 2:11 AM.


“Sucked into the Wormhole”
This photo was complete experimentation based on what we knew about light, aperture, exposure, time, and composition. The concept was to create a wormhole, or the Pan-dimensional Vortex Inducer. We would also create a symbolic embodiment of current humanity. The attempt was to create the embodiment as a skeleton, to show the impending death of humanity and the finite qualities of time. There are numerous sources and stimuli that humanity is exposed to in this era and together they threaten to unravel that which we love – life. This is the fight that we are engaged in – whether knowingly or unknowingly. Do not let the wormhole take another victim. Taken at 3:05 AM.

Refining and Learning: