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essay development plan writing customer service standards **How do I order a print/photo??**


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20 x 30

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12×18 slightly blemished

Photos of each print coming soon
$35 plus shipping
stars long exposure (1)
brett solar snorkel (1)
reef with wm (1)

thesis abortion research paper **How do I order a print/photo?**

I’m glad you asked! I like my process to be as personalized as possible, so to order a print, you just send me an email to Remember to use the capital punishment and human rights essay item number you see on this page. Ordering through email is great so that I can make sure to accommodate all your requests and needs.

And that’s it. After the email, I will take care of everything else for you and use PayPal for the invoice and documentation.

You can also email me if you have any questions.