Photojournalism Entry 1

This man is a veteran of WWII. This man was shot down out of his plane. This man watched as the other members of his plane gave in to a watery death. This man remained treading water for over 72 hours. This man was alone, watching sharks swimming below him during the night and the day. He was rescued by a submarine – the USS Seafox – that happened upon him. This man died today (3/1/15). This man is my grandfather. This man is proud of me. This man loves me. Thank you for all the support. I thought that this hero of mine would be an ideal start for my photojournalism series. His name is Thomas M Powers, he lived to be 89. He was born in Miami, FL on February 2, 1926. He was a World War II Veteran of the Air Force (alluded to above), and served in the Pacific Theater as a nose gunner of a B24. He received the Purple Heart and Distinguished Flying Cross for his service.

After his honorable discharge, he attended The College of William and Mary, and later became an independent sales representative for the milk industry. No wonder I love milk so much. He is also a very good painter and creator. He made many mosaic works, designed maps for the VA hospital in Tampa, and made numerous paintings. He also worked assiduously to create a family tree with photos, people, dates, and locations.